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Okay, so I just had an idea. 

How about, as a little commemoration and acknowledgement of the inevitably heartbreaking and jaw-dropping end to the Skulduggery Pleasant series, we all took selfies with our favourite Skulduggery book? It can be a selfie of you smiling, sobbing grotesquely or even staring into the distance with a haunted look as you remember your favourite character is most likely dead. 

And you post your selfie on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc., …and Tweet them to Derek, all with the hashtag #pleasantending 

I just think it’d be a funny thing to do as a fandom, and hopefully something Derek will appreciate! 

Please spread the word if you’re on board with the idea, and get posting those pics! Thank you! 

(hashtag idea courtesy of the wonderful Becky!) 

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To anyone who is thinking about killing themselves: please watch this

This is from a girl who’s sister committed suicide. If you are looking for a sign not to commit, this is it.

Please share this so everyone can see.